What’s Happening With Ollie’s Grassland?

You may have seen on the website that we have two main fields: Arrow’s Range and Ollie’s Grassland. Only Arrow’s Range has been available for hire as we’ve been hiring them both out as one.

The plan is to eventually have both of these areas as separate fields to hire. However, it is important that we do this the way our visitors want and we’ve been gathering feedback on the best way to do this.

So far we’ve learnt from everyone that you want:

  • The fields are separated in a way in which dogs can’t see each other.
  • A more interactive area for dogs that enjoy more enrichment such as sights and smells.
  • A tall separation (6ft) so you still get a good sense of privacy.

So what’s the plan?

After listening to lots of feedback we have decided to hold off on work until we can fully fund the separation of the two areas and meet the criteria people are looking for.

This means we will be:

  • installing a new 6ft fence alongside the current 4ft fence,
  • In the gap between fences, planting tall, dense bushes,
  • utilising screening for the lower parts of the new fence line,
  • renovating the wooden in/out gate so it has its own entrance,
  • planting some trees and adding some other points of interest to the Ollie’s Grassland area,
  • finding a solution to still let the tractor in to mow the grass without compromising the privacy.

When will it be done?

This will take some time to pay for and do, so we are planning the works for 2024. We have a number of other things that we are working on to continuously improve the entire field and want to focus on those first.

Got any suggestions?

Please let us know if you have any suggestions, thoughts or comments. We love hearing from our clients.

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